Please Help Identify This Plumbing/Equipment


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May 12, 2015
McAllen, TX
Five years ago, I bought a house with a pool and learned everything I needed to know from TFP. It's a wonderful resource and community!

Now I'm helping a friend with a house he just bought by trying to identify all their pool equipment. One thing (circled in yellow) has me stumped.
Any ideas what it is? There's a pressure gauge mounted to it. My pool doesn't have a spa, but my friend's does, so I'm wondering if the circled item it's related to the spa.

Mystery Pool Plumbing-Equipment.jpg


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Jul 7, 2014
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The main job of an IFCS is to make normally simple pool plumbing into a complex mess so that the average pool owner has to depend on outside sources to come get there pool running.. :mrgreen:

Sometimes an IFCS is installed in such a way that you can simply turn a valve and shut it off.. Which is great. These pools have wall returns. Unfortunately, to make things worse for the average pool owner, some systems are integrated into the water return lines so that the only way to get water going back to your pool is through the IFCS.. Kind of like being held for ransom..

Good luck with your friends pool.


Jim R.
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