Please Help identify a Hayward weir


Mar 11, 2018
Under the lid I see that my skimmer is a Hayward SP 1070 B, but the dimensions of the skimmer weir don’t match what’s expected for that model.
the pool was built in the early 70’s. The closest I’ve found is someone asking “Inyo” advice on the same weir, (post attached), but no resolution was reported.
7 1/2” long, 6” tall, with 2 holes in the floor of the skimmer 5” apart center to center.
The universal pressure rod type doors won’t stay in place when the kids get the pool rocking.
anybody have any idea, the correct one for this skimmer?



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Aug 30, 2019
Westchester, NY
I'd go ahead and reach out to Inyo yourself, I just went through the same process about a month ago and only had the skimmer lid information. They responded back in 10 minutes with the exact model i needed, and it fit. I just went through the interactive chat they have on their site. Easy!

I'd share with them a couple pics of your skimmer as well to help them out. Assuming you measured the dimensions yourself correct?