Please help - Hayward Command Center and Pentair 342001 Variable Speed Pump


New member
Mar 20, 2017
Hi, hoping someone may have run into this and can help me.
My pump normally runs 8am to 6pm with variable speed settings.

However, my solar piping broke on my roof so water shooting every where.
I turned turned off the pump via command center wireless remote.
I then killed the power to the pump as I did not have time to deal with it and did not want it coming on the next day.

I then found I could turn off the solar heating via Command Center settings.
The But the next day my pump did not come on till noon and ran till later in the evening. I do not know why?

Now my pump does not come on at all.
I can take the pump off of the external control and run the pump. But I cannot get it to run through Command Center relay.
I hear the relay turn on if I hit the filter button on the command center or if I turn on the system with the wireless on button.

The command center cuts power to the pump every time it turns off. So the clock on the pump does not matter.
The clock on the command center is set. I only have 1 run schedule 8am to 6pm daily.

I just do not understand what could have happened, what I am missing, or what hardware needs fixing if any hardware actually does need fixing?