Please help above ground salt water pool.


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Apr 14, 2022
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Hey all! I have scoured the internet and have found no answers. I bought a home in October. It came with an above ground pool with a salt water filter. I know NOTHING about pools. The previous owners had drained the pool. There are a lot of trees so a ton of debris in the pool it has maybe a foot of water left and is green. What should I do? After reading online I’m worried about cleaning it with no water and harming the liner. Should I fill the pool back up and then shock it? Or finish draining and clean the bottom, then fill and add chemicals? I have tried to get professional help to come and get me started with the pool. But in my area I can’t get a call back and the pool stores are way too overpriced.


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May 28, 2020
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Try to scoop as much of the solids out that you can, then refill. Order yourself a test kit now (Test Kits Compared) and pick up some liquid chlorine and stabilizer (cyanuric acid or CYA). Once you refill - check your water meter before you start and after you finish to get a rough estimate on volume - add 30ppm of stabilizer and follow the SLAM Process.

Post pictures!
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