Playground Slide v Pool Slide in Salt Water - Thoughts?


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Dec 11, 2015
Chattanooga, TN
We are having a play ship built that will be installed near the pool and from which will come 2 slides. I have just realized that pool slides that you can buy from S R Smith or Interfab (probably fiberglass?) cost almost as much as our entire 3 story play ship (water cannons and all!). I assume the slides we are getting are really intended for playgrounds rather than pools. Also, I received a recommendation from SR Smith for a diving board that is especially for SWG pools which makes me think that the salt may be damaging for the regular propylene slides. For what we are paying, I wouldn't be upset if we have to replace the slides every few years. Does anyone have any experience, warnings, or thoughts on this?


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Jul 3, 2013
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On the slide I have no idea, but its something I would be cautious with, if someone were to get hurt to save a few bucks I don't think you would want that..

On the dive board, I bet the board is exactly the same, it would be the attachments/metal parts that would be different.


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Apr 19, 2013
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I think if you read the SR Smith site closely you will find that Cowboy is correct the difference is in the metal stand. With regard to the slides its not the materials that are the issue its the construction and design. As you can see from the SR Smith site there are specific requirements as to the design of the pool and the placement of the diving board and slide for safe operation. Slides designed fo pools have different characteristics than slides designed for playgrounds. One difference is that pool slides are designed to be used when wet and are plumbed for this use. The surface is also designed for wet use. The pool slides are also designed so that they enter the pool at the correct angle and height so that they are least hazardous to users. Part of what you are paying for with a pool slide is this extra design engineering and construction cost. I the long run you are probably going to have the best experience with a purpose designed pool slide, but darn, the kids college fund will take a big hit.


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May 9, 2013
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I can tell you that the standard playground slides will not degrade with a salt water pool. I have used this with my small children under supervision of course.

The cost and amount of time that the slide will be used in my opinion is minimal. I couldn't justify lagging into my concrete decking for a feature that likely will not be used enough and take up so much real-estate.

The little tykes version I have is easily relocated off to the side when we don't want it in use.

Good luck with whatever it is you decide.