Plastic stairs in an Intex pool? Can it be done?


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Jul 3, 2011
Albuquerque, NM
Hi everyone. I have to update my siggy as we have graduated from at 12 ft intex metal frame to a 15 foot this year. As its a bit deeper (48 inch vs last years 36) we need a good way for our special needs daughter and son and aging grandma to get in and out safely. We are considering getting some of those plastic stairs that sink in the water with sand bags. Can these be used in an intex frame pool? If so any suggestions? Also how would you put a cover on then with the hand rails sticking up? We need the cover on,it helped so much last year when not in use.

This forum has been awesome at helping last year. And the suggestion this year of getting the sand filter is excellent. We will be doing that!

Thanks for the help!



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Jun 21, 2011
Tecumseh, OK
Yes they can be used and work quite well actually. We've got wedding cake steps in ours and absolutely love it. Work great as a underwater seat too. Not really sure about a cover though. You'd have to modify it with a slit to go around the rail.