Plastic around pool


Aug 17, 2019
Hi everyone!

My new pool has been installed today and I'm going through the tedious "fill it while it's daylight" process. But I've been doing a lot of research and reading about back fill. My pool has steel walls and I've seen a lot of mention about plastic around the pool before you back fill. Now this may be the dumbest question ever but what kind of plastic? A tarp? Saran Wrap (j/k ;)...I think). I have a 27 inch slope so there's going to be a LOT of back fill on one side, especially if I want to slope it away from the pool. So if it's a tarp do I like tape it to the wall before I back fill?

I've attached a pic of the high side. It slopes down to the filter from there and there's not a whole lot of back fill on the back side at all. They threw a few shovel fulls in before they left.

Anyway, I'm more than grateful for any advice you can give me.