Plaster resurface on in ground pool. Poor quality work by the pool builder or "part of the process?"


Apr 17, 2019
Dallas, Texas
Hi all,

This is my first post, so bear with me if I don't get all the necessary information out on the first shot. I found this forum after looking everywhere for good information on good plastering techniques, what to watch for, etc. and being overwhelmed with how much information was out there- not to mention the controversy I read around NPC's guidelines. The few posts I've read on this forum already helped me than my previous hours (and HOURS) of research. So thanks in advance!

We just got our pool re-plastered with white basic plaster, and started the fill over a week ago. The pool is full, and I've been doing all the suggested maintenance since then. Before the pool even filled up we noticed multiple long straight cracks that went up several feet, almost the length of the pool wall in some places. They said that was normal and would go away with brushing and getting the pH balanced. Then, strange stains started showing up that don't look like any of the images I've seen online or on other posts. They said the same thing about those stains. In addition there is a yellow ring that goes around almost the entire pool about halfway up. I'm really worried that they're just delaying any action and kicking the can down the road until they can claim any defects are due to "improper maintenance" to get out of fixing anything. Can anyone take a look at these photos and give me their thoughts?

On a side note, dealing with this company has been a nightmare from start to finish. Between improperly winterizing my pump and pool (the project "started" in November), not providing any written plans for the landscaping, to countless other issues. Their version of a "custom startup program" was having someone come over, flip the switch to the pump and hand me some paper with NPC's guidelines. With all of that happening I'm super paranoid about their workmanship and have zero confidence in their professionalism. It's particularly shocking because we paid slightly more than other companies quoted because we went with one of the larger and (supposedly) more reputable pool companies. So I'm just not sure if I'm being hyper aware or if this is a real issue. Take a look at the photos and let me know what you think. If you need any other info, I'm happy to help.

*Note: The sediment at the edges of some of the photos (pool floor) is just the normal sediment from the resurfacing (supposedly). I had to let it settle as much as possible to get clear photos of the spots and cracks. I also darkened one or two of the photos to make the stains easier to see since it's hard to tell because of the glare. Also the startup is based on NPC guidelines.


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Apr 17, 2019
Dallas, Texas
Did the signature as close as I could. I'm doing my own chemistry along with taking the samples in to the pool store every three days or so for confirmation on my readings since I'm using a new kit (K-2005). The chemistry is within normal parameters, but have swayed outside of normal range once or twice on pH.

Thanks for the resources on water chemistry- what water imbalances do you think would cause the plaster defects like the ones in the photos?


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May 3, 2014
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Great. You just need this FAS-DPD test to complete your K2005 into a proper test kit. You cannot get accurate FC/CC tests with the K2005 kit.

Can you post a full set of test results?


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May 16, 2010
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Cracks are not good - they won't fix themselves. The "ring around the collar" sounds like the water fill was interrupted with the pool half full(?) If the pH was maintained below 8 (ideally 7.6) it shouldn't be the cause of your staining problems, but post your test results.

You might consider a pre-emptive BBB complaint if they are a big company. This invariably gets the issue booted up to the top brass who are more likely to solve the issue, rather than "kick it doen the road".