Plaster, Pebble, Aquabrite, oh my!


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Aug 9, 2017
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We're approaching plaster day. Our original quote included a plaster finish with a ~$5k upgrade to ntp stonescapes mini-pebble finish. We are also considering aquabrite, which is a lot more than the pebble.

My wife and son have never loved the pebble pools they've been in -- too rough/scrapey...but we also have no idea if they've ever been in a "mini-pebble" pool so it's hard to know. Also, my son swims in a pebble pool nearly every day and he rarely if ever complains about it. He only thought to when I asked about it.

I thought aquabrite might be the answer but we had the installer bring a sample by and my wife thought it was quite slippery. I like the idea of lower maintenance which I think aquabrite may provide, but between my wife's concerns about it being slippery and the significant increase in cost, I'm having second thoughts.

My son wasn't here to feel the aquabrite but said he'd prefer the finish that our community pool has, which I assume is just plaster.

I know this is another subjective topic and not a "right answer" sort of thing but I'd love to hear from people with the different surfaces describing what they like/dislike most about their surface and whether they would make a different choice having lived with it for a while.
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May 20, 2020
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I have a pebble pool using Wet Edge Technologies product. I selected the privmera stone type which has a polished finish. Very smooth and have had no issues since installation in March 2018. It has a 15 yr warranty.