plaster on new pool-is this how it should look?


May 4, 2019
Philadelphia PA
Anthony Sylvan just left me with this mess on Saturday and told me it’s just like a scar and I’ll get used to it. Seems unacceptable to me after spending 60k and not even dipped a toe in it yet. On top of that, the pool plaster looks really blotchy (ansylbrite) and is like to have it all redone? Is this normal/acceptable within the industry?



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Jul 17, 2018
Marlboro New Jersey
Sorry to learn about your pool finish. Were you able make any headway with A&S to try and make it right?

From your pics it does seem like you have a case. I know they sub out to contractors so maybe you can go directly to them for help? I'm hoping they do right by you.

What color is your ansylbrite? We still have a another 2-3 weeks before they apply our plaster. I'm crossing my fingers everything will go well.


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Jul 2, 2017
Thornton, PA
Mine was plastered by A&S a few weeks ago as well and is far from perfect. They're supposed to send someone out to look at the white spots , but I don't have faith they'll be out anytime soon. I've got a number of other issues to work with them on as well.
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Apr 19, 2017
mine had some brown spots from a and s when it was done. turned out to be from some kind of plant or tree debris that the chlorine took care of. other than that, I can not say my plaster is perfect, it does have lighter and darker spots here and there. whenever I see other pools I always look...haven't seen a perfect one yet. not sure if your issue is what mine was but that is definitely unacceptable if those brown spots don't go away.


Aug 8, 2018
Smyrna, Delaware
We just had our 8 month old pool re-plastered. We had dark and light spots but luckily they evened out as the plaster cured. We have had nothing but issues from them. I would not recommend them to anyone!


Aug 3, 2018
Elkton MD
A&S plastered my pool on Saturday 4/13/19. Pool was completely full on Monday 4/15/19. I called A&S about start -up so I could start brushing pool, as they recommend. I was told the project manager would call me to set up a time. He finally came out on 5/1/19. My pool sat for 2 weeks with no brushing or filtering. My pool water is clear and I have been brushing it at least twice a day since May 2. I have some stains on the plaster, but my project manager says they are organic and will come out after awhile. I guess I will wait and see.


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Jun 18, 2018
Central Virginia
Sorry to hear about all of the issues. I will be getting my pool plastered by A&S this Saturday. Reading these posts are getting me worried. It sounds like I need to stand out there with them while they are putting the plaster on for oversight. Any suggestions that you think would help me in preparation for the plastering that will help avoid the potential for an unsatisfactory plaster job, stains, etc. Thanks.


May 4, 2019
Philadelphia PA
Hey all, sorry for delay in reply, I am just seeing some of these now b/c of my notifications. After escalating the issue via letter to the CEO, I was contacted by a VP who set the ball in motion for them to acid wash it and sand/brush the surface for a more uniform look and then we will reassess. They expect the organic stains to come out, the patch may get better but still look odd. I expect to push this until it is uniform throughout whether that be new plaster in both pool and spa or another company to replaster and then sue in small claims court for the cost of ~3500