Plaster Discoloration and rough surfaces on 2 yr old pool Need advice!


Apr 26, 2014
New Orleans
Hello all,
I need some assistance. My Pool is about two years old to the date. I have a quartz plaster saltwater pool and I have some discoloration in the plaster and some of the surfaces are very rough. They have been there since the pool was installed, but I thought at first that they would go away, but they have not. The more I read on here the more aggravated I get about them. What are my options to get it fixed. Attached are some photos. I am working on getting my chemistry up to par right now. My numbers are as follows: TC=4.5, CH=450 ppm, TA=70 and CYA= 23. I know my numbers are a bit off, but hope to have them under control shortly..



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Aug 4, 2014
San Clemente, CA
What color is your plaster?

How did you get a CYA of 23? The typical tests are not nearly that precise.

Plaster discolorations are cause by scale (your current numbers don't indicate this), poor workmanship (calcium chloride added to the plaster mix or excessive water), and organic color pigments ( yours looks blue to me and blue is by far the most susceptible) that are prone to losing color from exposure to chlorine.

There are other reasons for discoloration, but those are the most common.