planning vinyl inground for this summer


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Apr 25, 2012
northwest PA
hello! i have been doing a lot of reading here for the past several weeks, and i love to follow everyone's pool builds. i am finalizing plans for an inground vinyl, which will be my first pool, and i thought i'd post to see if anyone has any suggestions to help me. i will (hopefully, if i figure it out) be attaching a drawing of the layout, and a picture of approximately where the pool will sit on my property(it's the area of higher grass towards the center). the dimensions are marked on the drawing- it is a weird shape. i have the pool drawn, as well as the planned concrete deck area around it. the pool will have an 8 ft deep end, and i hope to have a diving board- i will at least plan for it even if i don't get it right away. the pool builder uses hayward equipment for the most part. i am planning on a heat pump, though my intentions are to get a dome and use the pool year round, but probably not this first year, so my heating will have to be reworked at some point. for the pump, he recommended the tri star 2 speed 3/4 or 1 hp (actually, it looks like the 2 speed doesn't come in 3/4...). he said he will figure out which makes more sense. an aqua rite swg, a d.e. filter- i think the de 7220, 2 skimmers, 6 returns, at least 2 colorlogic 4.0 lights, and a yet to be determined robot cleaner. my biggest problem will be picking the liner- i know i would like a blue looking pool (not aqua or anything else), probably medium shade (would rather err on the lighter than darker side though) but i don't know how to decide which liner will give me the color i would like. that decision is going to be a nightmare :? . and i also don't know where to place the lights. i would love to hear any advice or comments that might help! thank you, lee ... AG0116.jpg ... AG0118.jpg

i don't know how to get the pictures to just show up without the link- is the link the only way to do it with photobucket?


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Get the two speed pump, even if it means getting a slightly larger pump. Low speed will save you a great deal of electricity and you still have high speed should you need it.