Planning to build an in-ground pool, which material should I go with?


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Jul 25, 2021
Hello everyone! With the ongoing pandemic, me and my family have stayed at home a lot more than how we used to and we found ourselves enjoying our above-ground pool that we bought online a lot more as well. We finally decided to invest in a good quality one by having an in-ground pool built in our backyard. I read this article online where I was able to learn more about the costs of getting a swimming pool built as well as the different material options that I could choose from. I'm currently torn as to whether I should get a pool built of concrete and save myself some cash or go all the way and have one built with fiberglass? Any thoughts and recommendations about this would be very much appreciated, thanks!


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Jul 21, 2013
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I would not put a lot of confidence in the costs cited in that article. Best thing is to contact pool builders in your area and get their range or prices. Pool prices can vary widely based on local markets and conditions.

I am surprised that they show a fiberglass pool being more expensive then a gunite pool. That is not the situation in the USA.

These articles may be of help as you move along in your research...



Jun 23, 2021
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We were recently in the market for a pool. We were very interested in River Pools - and got a quote for installation of a 15x30 freeform pool. The cost for their install - in an apples to apples comparison to a local shotcrete builder, of a 16x30 freeform pool was more costly than the custom shotcrete pool. The local pool builder has a good reputation, just built a beautiful pool for a neighbor - so I know the quality of his work.
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