Pipe Size Question


Jun 22, 2010
I plan on doing the most DIY if possible. The manual for the IntelliCenter "requires" a licensed electrician to install the electrical components. I may just opt for the electrician for help with that part. I plan on running the plumbing. Are you hiring that out or plan to do yourself? Just curious if anyone handled that part.

For the plumbing experts out there, the VS Intelliflo lists this: "Unions are included for connecting directly to 2.5" or 3" plumbing."
Triton TR100 sand filters says: 2" and 3" connections for maximum flow. 2" drains for easy winterizing.
My Raypak heater has 2" unions.

My spa is 2", but the remaining piping is all 1.5". Do you run 2" between all equipment and when you get to the skimmer/main intake and returns reduce down to 1.5"?
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