Pink stains on bottom of pool

We're taking our Intex 15 X 48 metal frame AG pool down for the winter for 2 reasons - 1) we need to level the ground better - we're an inch off and 2) pink stains appeared on the bottom of the pool a few weeks before we drained it. The stains were not slimy. I've used Bleche White and Soft Scrub which lightened the stains (also started to take some of the blue design off with scrubbing) but I can't get them to go away completely. I'd like to get rid of them before packing the pool up for the winter. Any suggestions?? Thanks!

Intex metal frame 15X48, 4440 gal, AG, vinyl, Intex SWG


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Apr 1, 2007
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Dilute some clorox (maybe 6:1) and place some on the stains for a few minutes. Rinse it off. Tell us if that get's rid of them or noticeably lightens them.
Hi Dave, Thanks for the reply! I tried the diluted clorox - nothing. Left it on for 5 mins. Didn't even lighten it the slightest little bit. ??? I took a few pics but can't figure out how to post. Thanks again!