Pink Slime In Filter Grids At Closing


Jun 8, 2020
Glen Burnie, MD
Hello everyone,

I'm kinda closing in a strange manner this year, cleaning the filter before doing anything else, because my pool will be renovated this Fall and next Spring (Pool demo, new coping, tile, pool deck demo and re-pour this fall. Plaster applied in the spring then refill) Pool demo is scheduled for the day after tomorrow and the company will drain the pool then blow out the lines for winter. But they will not clean the filter so upon cleaning it today (48 sq ft DE) I noticed some pink slime at the bottom of a couple grids, inside the fabric area.

Now I had been following TFP guidance all summer until the last few weeks as the pool company wanted the chlorine level to drop. I checked it a few days ago and I had FC - 2.5 and CC = 0.0. Cool temps here and not too sunny so I wasn't concerned.

My question is, should I do anything about it now and if so, what?..... or wait until spring and then what?



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Jul 3, 2013
Fletcher, OK
I have had it in my hot tub before when the chlorine got down there.. no issue just do TFP when you open back up and you will be good to go :)