Pin Prick Hole in Vacuum Hose


Jun 8, 2010
Central WA
I've noticed that my vacuum hose has a tiny, almost invisible, hole in it. I can hear it hiss when I connect it to the skimmer (its right at the waterline). I'm still getting a good suction.

Is there a product that anyone would recommend to fix it?


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Apr 4, 2007
SW Indiana
If all else fails, cut the end off the hose and install a replacement end.

If you can get silicon to stay in place, try 3M 5200 adhesive/sealant. Be careful with the 5200, because it is heck to get off of anything. It's used on boats to seal screw holes etc..


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Apr 14, 2010
Stephens City, VA
polyethylene, reinforced, multi-purpose pressure sensitive tape with a soft and flexible shell and pressure sensitive adhesive. It is generally silver or black in color but many other colors have recently become available. With a standard width of 1+7⁄8 inches (48 mm).

Duct tape.

Works for me. I'm getting 2 extra years out of my hose...
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