Pics of base setup needed


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May 29, 2018
Hi all! As a visual learner, I would love to see pics of exactly how your base layers and landscaping look. This year I've upgraded from the Intex 12 x 30 prism frame pool to the Intex 15 x 48 prism frame. I've removed the extra sod to create a 19 x 19 square and leveled the ground. I purchased 1.5" pink rigid insulation boards and 4" thick blocks for the legs of the pool.
My questions are:
Do I put a tarp under the foam insulation and another on top?
If yes to tarp on top of foam, what do I do with overhang? Tarp is 16' square.
Do I bury the leg blocks flush with the ground or flush with the top of the foam?
If flush with ground, won't I lose some depth of pool?
How/where do I cut off the excess foam?
I plan to do some kind of landscaping around the pool (river rock, pea gravel, mulch? and stepping stones) and I've read others have used landscape edging against legs to protect the pool liner and legs. How do I attach it?

Any and all advice welcome! And pics or links to pics would be awesome!


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May 9, 2019
Welcome to TFP!

Pavers should be flush with the foam.
I put my tarp over the foam, nothing underneath. You can cut foam with a utility knife, same for excess tarp i would think.
I think your edging would be secured in the ground, not to the pool.

I am sure some other folks will chime in with ideas and suggestions, good luck with your pool!