Picking up a 30' x 18' x 52" tomorrow, now begins the planning and execution


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Jan 29, 2015
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So I had a ~3300 gallon Intex last year which was a lot of fun. It was probably around 14' x 8' x 48" and I upgraded the filter to a sand filter and upgraded the ladder. I got it for free used but spent some money on upgrades. Unfortunately a foster dog managed to get ahold of the liner in a serious way over the winter and it's not really viable to use anymore.

On the bright side I found a good deal on a used, higher quality 30' x 18' x 52" with filter and a few bits and bobs. It's an aquatech pool like so. This is quite a bit large (about 5x !) than my previous and I want to spend a bit more time getting things right. I spent a few evenings leveling for the old pool by hand but didn't do any sand or base underneath really. On the larger pool I'd like to put it a bit further out in the yard and am planning on putting a 2" sand base.

I do have a few questions:
1. How critical is the leveling of the undisturbed earth prior to the sand? My research says it should be level to about 1" but I wasn't sure if adding sand on top changes that in any way
2. About how much sand should I expect to need for a 2" base? It sounds like masonry sand is ideal and I'm guessing around 5 yards
3. I had some issues with ants (it seemed like mainly flying ants, but it's hard to say) so I am planning on laying down some granular grass/weed killer and pesticide prior to the sand as well
4. How needed are pavers under the wall supports?
5. I'm planning on leaving it up over winter, though I'm not 100% sure how advisable that is. I'm in a fairly intense winter area but if I disconnect plumbing and clean out pipes and filters will it be ok?

Anything else I'm missing?


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Welcome to TFP! :wave: About your questions:
1 - Extremely important. The 1" level waterline is our recommendation.
2 - That's fine if you are going to use sand. Many owners opt for XSP insulation panels or Gorilla pads since sand not only can be washed out, but also allows weeds to grow through.
3 - Be careful as I "believe" some insecticides can cause vinyl staining.
4 - Practically mandatory unless the pool is on a concrete pad. Once water splashes out and/or you have a good monsoon rain, those poles can sink/shift.
5 - Many AGP owners leave their pool up all winter. We have instructions on how to winterize your AGP.

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