Jun 11, 2007
Afternoon all,

I have finally made the migration over from the PF (orkalovesfood) and hope to continue to learn and hopefully share any insight/knowledge I have accumulated here.

I have gone from buying a home with 32K gallon IG vinyl pool and being overwhelmed by it to being quite comfortable with it in a few short years.

I am married and have 2 boys (4 + 2), 3 dogs (we are trying to get the 2 younger ones, see below, to swim) and 2 cats so it is always busy at my place.

My 4 year old tested the Chlorine yesterday.

He then proceeded on telling my wife that he tested the pool water with Daddy's big testicle kit :-D ( I have a HTH 5-Way, the small testicle kit I guess and one of the old PS233's from PS). We were rolling, the poor kid had no idea why, he just kinda smiled in that, I made them laugh kinda way, but I have no idea why.

Anyway, looking forward to being mostly a lurker and continuing to learn


Jun 11, 2007
Poolsean said:
Welcome Phulish.
Bermese Mountain Dogs?
The good lookin fella in the back is, the dopey one in the front is supposed to be (we got both of them by adoption), however I had taken her for a bath at the local Pet Supplies place a few months ago after she decided to chase a skunk and a woman who breeds and shows them said she thinks she may be a Swiss Mountain Dog becuase of her shorter coat (altough it is starting to fill out).

Thanks for the welcome, going to try and post a few pool pics soon!
Jun 11, 2007
Buggsw said:
Hi and welcome! You had me ROTFL with the story about your 4 year old son.
He so just wants to help dad too. Do any of you with younger children let them help out at the pool?

Both kids help vacuum (painful to watch the dirt go flying), test for chlorine and PH, add bleach and of course the favorite, cleaning out the skimmer basket (beetles, frogs, what's not to like)

Of course all with adult supervision.


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Do any of you with younger children let them help out at the pool?
Not sorry to say that those are actual chores now for my 8 and 6 year old. They are out of school and if they want a clean pool and one that does not burn their eyes when swimming, they help out as much as they can. I get the scoop when I get home of things I need to take a look at. Most of the time my skimmer baskets are clean, deck rinsed off and all of the pool toys are back where they belong. :whip: :shock: :-D

That way, I get to enjoy it as much as they do on the weekends and at night after work. I am truly grateful for the work they put in to keep the pool clean.