Phosphates and CYA.


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Mar 30, 2008
Irmo, South Carolina
Hello. I just got from getting my water tested at two pool stores. The first store tested with test strips. the second store was a Leslie's and used drops. The only major differences were CYA level and FAC/TAC; test strip store showed .8 for both FAC/TAC and drops showed 2 for both TAC & FAC. Test strips showed CYA 89 and drops showed 40. The drop test was done over using a pinpoint test and showed about the same thing as the original drop test. The only thing Leslie's told me that was bad was that my phosphates were a little high at 1.0 ( of course the other store wanted to sell me a bunch of "stuff"). I told Leslies's that I use BBB method and he said that was cool but I might want to do something about the phosphate level but everything else looked pretty cool to him and he wouldn't change anything else since it is about to rain. What does everyone think? Thanks. Later, Calvin.
TA 120
pH 7.9
TAC 2 (by drops)
FAC 2 (by drops)
TDS 300
Calcium Hardness 70
CYA 40 (by drops)


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May 7, 2007
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Don't listen to anything Leslie's says about phosphates. Not only is it irreelivant in the first place but one is already a really really low level.

You should bring your PH down a bit. Try to keep it between 7.2 and 7.8.

A top quality test kit would be a wonderful thing to get. I reccommend the TF Test Kit.