Aug 8, 2007
i used my home tester kit my pool is really bad green i added 6 jugs of chlorine and 2 jugs of acid.. with in a week time cuz usually if my pool turns green i add a few jugs of chlorine and a little acid and it clears up t his time its not working and so i added more so when i did the home test kit it shows now that i need to add phosphates soo whats that mean like did i put tup much of chlorine and acid in there.. or is that just what my pool is lacking so thats why it turns green so often..


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Apr 1, 2007
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Your pool turns green because you are growing algae. To control it, you will have to be a little more precise in your chlorine application. Please read the "Stickies" section'll point you in the right direction.


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May 7, 2007
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Phosphates are not the issue. The key is using enough chlorine. The key is to have a good test kit so you can measure the FC land CYA levels. You need to bring the FC level up to an appropriate shock level, which depends on the CYA level, and hold it there. How much chlorine that takes is rather variable depending on how strongly the algae has gotten going.

I would get a good test kit, the TF Test Kit is great, see the link in my signature, and the Taylor K-2006 is also good. While you are waiting for that to come, read some of The Stickies, see the link in the sub-heading of each page.

Good Luck