Phantom issues...


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Jul 3, 2007
North of Dallas
The nice little Hayward Phantom has worked well for the few weeks we've had it. But, for the last day or so, it seems to be getting stuck really easily, like hitting a wall or ledge at a 45 and not turning to follow it, just stopping like it's stuck. Also, I haven't noticed it once coming up to skim the surface like it usually does. Pulling it out of the water shows that it has some serious pressure behind it still. I thought about changing out that interval wheel to have it change directions more or whatever that thing does. The bag barely has anything it.

Anyone have thoughts on that?


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Jun 23, 2007
The phantom has had a lot of problems with the internal mechanism. They recently put out a new manifold and gear box. You should be able to take it to your local Leslies and get them to switch it out. Otherwise contact Hayward and they will send you the new part.