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Mar 19, 2015
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I added 1 cup of muriatic acid to lower the ph. Next day I added 2lbs of baking soda to raise alk. Now the ph is back to 7.8 and the alk is at 70ppm. Am I right, if I add muriatic acid the ph goes down and the alk goes down also, if I add baking soda the alk goes up and the ph goes up? If thats right what do I do. Thanks. (I'm thinking borax but I am not sure)


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Jul 21, 2013
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TA of 7.8 and Alk of 70 is fine. You don't need to adjust anything.

If your pH gets to 8 then reduce it to 7.6 and no lower.

TA of 50-60 is ok. Let your pool find its natural TA equilibrium. Only adjust TA up if it gets below 50.
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