PH Rise


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Jul 4, 2011
North East
Hey all,

For the beginning part of the season (the past 3-4 weeks) the ph seemed to stay stable around 7.4 after I made the initial adjustment. TA is around 80. I added CYA via the sock method; however I also used pucks to help increase the CYA level also.

The PH is back to steadily rising again rather than staying stable (at 8 today).

Ideally, how often should the ph have to be adjusted? does something seem out of the norm here? I know the pucks are acidic and hadnt previously considered they were the reason the ph was staying steady...i thought it was my diligent work :?

Looking for some guidance, and in the mean time, going to go add muriatic to drop the level down.

Thanks all


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Jan 6, 2010
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Sounds normal to me.

My pool uses a lot of acid, a cup or two every other day. When I had trichlor pucks in the floater when I went out of town, pH was fine when I got back. When the pucks melted away, acid demand went right back up.