pH Meter from TFTestKits


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Jun 2, 2019
Mansfield, TX
I bought the pH meter from TFTestKits and calibrated it, checked it against the drop test and it seemed pretty spot on. Over a few weeks it drifted away from the drop test (couldn’t help myself, kept checking the two against each other to make sure) and now I don’t trust it.

What are others’ experience - should it need to be calibrated after just a few weeks of use? I don’t feel like blowing $6 regularly on a junk device...

I read quite a few posts on here that seem to indicate it’s not a great device.


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Jul 21, 2013
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pH meters drift and calibration needs to be checked every week or two. The TFT yellow meter especially gets off if you accidentally leave it on for a period of time. More expensive meters have an auto power off to not weaken the battery. You need to get pH 7.0 calibrating solution to regularly check it.
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