PH keeps dropping


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Aug 18, 2018
Dieppe New Brunswick
Not sure what to do. Should I raise the TA. I am aiming for PH 7.5
Using Liquid 10.8% Sodium Hyperchlorite
The pool has been covered for over a week as I am trying to trim the Solar Cover and put straps on it to reel it in.
Todays readings
FC 4
CC 4.1 [guess as it takes only 1 drop to clear a slight pink]
PH 7.2
TA 70
CH 150
borates 40
temp 81°F


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
No reason to 'target' a 7.5. The 7.2 is fine. I suspect the cover being on so long is the culprit. It really needs to be off every other day or so for the water to breathe, during daylight hours.

Your CC is 0.5. One drop is 0.5 ppm.