pH keeps creeping up to 8+

Dec 28, 2016
spring hill fl
I test in the winter just pH an fc. It was always creeping up to 8. I'd check weekly and still have high pH. This spring I lowered my ta from 150 to 100 over two days by lowering pH to 7.0 then bubbling it back up. Two days after that and pH is back to 8 and ta is up 25 points. What gives?
Fc 3.5
Ch 375
PH 7.6
Ta 100
Cya 60
Temp 85°


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Feb 3, 2014
Central Minnesota
Keep lowering that TA. You'll have more stable pH with a TA below 80. Go as low as 50-60 ppm. TA cannot go up without chemical addition (or in refill water). Likely just a minor testing error/variation.


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Got any water features causing a lot of little splashes? That's one way... How about the SWG? Some folks find that causes pH drift up. 30 kids playing in the pool daily??

Bring your TA down to about 80 and see if that helps.

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