Ph high after shocking

Jun 13, 2012
Today my pool was starting to get cloudy. We have had quite a bit of rain the last few days. Also, a couple days ago i had decided to supliment my liquid bleach clorination by turning on the clorinator. i have a bucket of pucks and thought i could slowly use some of it up. Not sure it had anything to do with the cloudy water but thought i should tell you i used it again for a couple days.

Tested water :
FC 2
CC .5
TA 140 (not sure I'm getting accurate results- 2 pool places tested 2 days previous and were in the 80's)
Ph 7.4
CYA 30

Decided to shock. Added 738 onces of 6% bleach. That was what the pool calculator said. FC went past my 15 ppm goal to about 22 ppm. Ph went to 8.2. I know the FC will come down how about the PH? Should I just watch it for a couple days and it will come down or do I have to add acid. I stopped using my chlorinator again. I started to use 6% bleach to chlorinate after I found this site. Waiting to see if shocking will improve the clarity of the water.


Pool 27000 gal inground
Hayward DE
1 hp super pump
2 skimmers 2 returns
No main drain