PH drop elm tree petals


Aug 2, 2020
Montreal Canada
Since the beginning of the season parameters have been good, Ph slowly creeping up, until middle of last week where is started going down, and then dropped on the weekend from 7.5 to 7.1, Aerating will bring it back up, but than drops afterwards, up to 7.6 and then fell back to 7.2, today got it up to 7.8 but two hours later it is already back to 7.4 water taken at the same spot. Alkalinity is at 60 and has been like that for weeks, and no other changes for over a week prior. In the last week I have been getting a ton of the Petals (flowers) from Elm trees that line our street, fall in the pool and need to empty the filter once or twice a day. is it Elm tree petals that is causing this? or something else? such at the TA being too low combined with the warmer temperatures,
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