PH Control


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Aug 2, 2007
Austin, TX
The ongoing quest to understand how to control my PH continues. I think I am getting to know my pool a little better with your help and keeping a detail log. As Jason pointed out, my pool seems to like a lower TA. My TA from Jan-Feb has been hovering around the 50's. In late March I decided to bump it up to 100 to see what happens. As you can tell below, my Muriatic Acid consumption went thru the roof due to my PH continued to climb. (My PH target for April is 7.4) Having a TA over 50 for me is not good at this point.

For this week in April, I let the TA fall into the 40's. I will maintain a TA in the 40's for this week my PH has steadied out at 7.5. I still add a few oz to bump it down to 7.4.

Below is a summary.
March 27 PH 7.1 & TA 46 (I lowered the PH to get ready to add baking soda on the 28'th)
March 28 - March 30: I added 320oz of baking soda
April 1- PH 8.2 & TA 103

Below are weekly averages
April 1 - April 5: PH 8.3 & TA 100.5 & Water Temp: 76: Weekly Total-Muriatic Acid 60
April 6 - April 12: PH 7.8 & TA 80.3 & Water Temp: 82.9: Weekly Total-Muriatic Acid 231
April 13 - April 19: PH 7.8 & TA 78.1 & Water Temp: 77.9: Weekly Total-Muriatic Acid 244
April 20 - April 24: PH 7.6 & TA 52.0 & Water Temp: 82: Weekly Total-Muriatic Acid 138

Muriatic Acid Consumption
Jan 08: Muriatic Acid- 246oz
Feb 08: Muriatic Acid- 284oz
Mar 08: Muriatic Acid- 335oz
Apr 08: Muriatic Acid- 673oz & counting
>Break down on weekly consumption for April
Week 1: 231oz
Week 2: 244oz
Week 3: 138oz

Thanks you for you aid and time!