PH Balancing question


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Jan 22, 2020
Henderson, NV
I have a newer (plaster poured this May) in ground pool so I expect for my PH to creep. It has been a few months now and using the pool math app I have had no issues keeping it in range. I have found lately it takes way more than the app suggests to pull the PH down. My TA is in the 90 to 100ppm range and my PH seems to like to creep up to the 7.8 range. I usually let it climb to 8.0 pull it back down to 7.6 but the next day it climbs back to 7.8. So my question is should I assume that 7.8 is my pools natural sweet spot and manage to that or should I attempt to keep it a bit lower which requires what seems like significantly more acid. I am interested to hear the feedback and experiences as this is my first pool and I am still learning.



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Jun 28, 2017
Fresno, CA
Test the TA of your fill water and watch your CSI for guidance on how to proceed. My pool likes 7.8 and the TA of my tap water is north of 150. Every time I top off my pool it pushes up my pH a bit and I lower it with only 8oz of 31%.
My pool water TA is now at 70 and acid additions have slowed significantly overall.
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