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Aug 15, 2017
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Disregard pool in signature:
friend's pool.
The pool is 4 years old, vinyl, IG 20' X42' at approx 35000 gallons. 1.5 hp pump coupled with a Jandy CV460 cartridge filter,Delta E-40 Ultraviolet Sanitizer/Clarifier System, Raypack PR406AENC heater, automatic pool cover and a robot. No SWG.
For the test results, here are the opening numbers:

4/19/2019 water temp 68 deg
FC- 0

4/26/2019 What I've done since: water tem. 82 deg
FC- 6+ (as I wasn't home to slam so gave it some chlorine not to lose ground)
CYA- coming up
water is crystal clear now, brushed and vacuumed
Added 7 lbs dry stabilizer and will need approx another 2 lbs to achieve my CYA goal of 30.
Slammed and will do the OLCT hopefully today . Will check all my numbers prior to the slam.

What do I use to bring the PH up and would it be contingent where my TA is at now. I have "20 mule team Borax" for the job but am I on target.
Thanks in advance, Allan


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Jan 6, 2010
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If the TA is still 120, it looks like all you need to raise pH is some aeration. Point a return up, or crank up the hot tub. I discovered that 1/2" PVC fittings are a push-fit inside my return eyeballs. That opened up a whole new world of opportunities. Maybe you'll be as lucky. And with the water at 82, you could also throw a few kids in to splash and aerate.
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