PH at 7


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Apr 13, 2018
Senoia Ga
Good morning,

My reading this morning were as follows:

FC: 9
PH: 7
TA: 40
CYA: 40

We've had the pool two years, and have never added anything other than salt, stabilizer, and liquid chlorine to our pool. PH and TA are on the low side. I read that baking soda used to adjust the TA also raises the PH. Would it be advisable to add the baking soda and then recheck my PH before adding borax, since it may be within range because of the baking soda.

Thanks in advance all :)


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May 3, 2014
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Add 20 ppm TA worth of baking soda. Then, as you say, circulate and test later.

TA can only go down by adding acid or acidic products, or by replacing pool water with lower TA fill water. Any ideas?