pH and TA both crept up


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Jun 10, 2018
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I got my equipment pad hooked up on Saturday, 5/1/21. Under the cover (with a flashlight) our water is crystal clear, with very minor debris on the bottom. I'm not ready to open yet, but wanted to get some chlorine into the water before water temp rises above 50 degrees. Solid winter cover remains on. Set the pump to recirculate and fired it up. Initial tests: CL-0, pH-7.4, TA-80, CYA-40 CH-125. Water temp 48 degrees. Our liquid chlorine is manually dosed. I felt I was probably not going to have to SLAM, but added an elevated dose of chlorine to bring it up to a level of 10-12, just as a precaution. After several hours of water circulation, my tests were as follows:
5/1/21 FC-11.5 CC-0.5 pH-7.4 TA-90 CYA-40 CH-125 Temp 48 degrees.

I began filtering today, after several hours of recirculating yesterday. Today's tests after four hours of filtering:
5/3/21 FC-10.5 CC-0.5 pH-8.2 TA-110 CYA-40 CH-125 Temp 52 degrees.

What made my pH and TA go up? Should I make an adjustment or just continue to monitor it? We don't plan to open for a couple weeks or so.



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May 3, 2014
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ph can rise immediately after adding liquid chlorine. The TA is unaffected, so that is test error or better mixing of the pool water column.
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Jun 10, 2018
North Central PA
Thanks Marty. I'll make a note and put it with my test kit for future openings, etc. I converted from Bacqua last spring at opening and this is my first time opening with chlorine. I keep thinking I must be screwing something up because everything about the TFP method has been so easy. Planning to update my pump this year with the money I saved, AFTER updating my TFP support status. ;)
Thanks again, G.
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