pH and TA are a little low - How do you decide which to...


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May 28, 2010
Here are my current readings:
pH is 7.3 (Goal of 7.5)
TA is 60 (Goal of 90)

I know that I can add a little Borax to raise the pH and that will also rais the TA.

I also know that I can add a little baking soda to raise the TA and that will also raise the pH.

So how do you decide which to do knowing that by trying to fix either pH or TA that the other (TA or pH) will also be correctted? Do I try to raise the pH with Borax or raise the TA with Baking Soda?


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May 7, 2007
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If you are using bleach or a SWG to add chlorine, you should raise the TA and let the PH take care of it's self. The PH will tend to go up on it's own eventually, so a current PH level of 7.2 or higher is fine. If you are using trichlor, you should raise both PH and TA.


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Nov 5, 2008
sonflower said:
My pH and TA are both high. Same answer? Fix TA and let pH take care of itself?
sonflower, you probably want to fix pH and let TA take care of itself. If you adjust pH with muriatic acid to 7.2 it will lower TA a bit, then with normal (or forced) aeration pH will climb again, leaving TA where it is. Then repeat.

Not the same as the Op niceguymr's question.

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