PH and return


Jul 9, 2010
southern indiana
I have had the pool open for about a month... clear water everyday, I add bleach daily, I check
the water with a k2006. I lose probably 2-3 ppm per day... Over night test has been less than one.
My TA is about 130 ... Cya about 50... FC was 4 this evening before adding bleach...

What fluctuates is the PH...

If I point the return eye up the Ph goes to 7.8 (Heavy bubbles on surface)

If I point it down the PH drops to 7.0 (No surface bubbles)

I run the pump in (2) 6 hour sessions...

Is this normal ?


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Apr 4, 2007
SW Indiana
Partly. The aeration is removing CO2 from the water and raising the pH. It's not really normal for it to go back down by pointing the return down though with your TA abov 100ppm. How do you chlorinate?


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May 7, 2007
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Muriatic acid lowers both the PH and the TA. If you are adding MA regularly the PH will tend to go down unless you have something (like the aeration from pointing the returns up) to bring the PH back up.