PF-50 Sand filters--help please

Aug 17, 2014
Bothell, WA
Where do you purchase O-rings from? I have PF-50 and just redid the back yard (replaced concrete deck with pavers; drained, chipped and now waiting to replaster the pool) and I want to clean out the sand filter before refilling the pool. The PF-50 still works but I had been seeing a gush of cloudy water the first few seconds when it runs so I suspect my sand could be due for a change. I have owned the house/pool since 2012 but I am pretty sure the sand has never been changed for at least 15years.

Also, any suggestions of whether to go back with regular filter sand or use one of the sand-alternatives (aqualoon or zeosand)?


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Jul 11, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
Sand very seldom needs to be replaced. It DOES need to be "deep cleaned" every once in a while. Here is a video for that: Deep Cleaning a Sand Filter We have had some people try out the zeosand and a couple the aqualoon and most of them said they would be changing back to sand as the other stuff just does not last as long and causes some problems in that it gunks up.

For the o-ring I would try Swimming Pool Supplies - Pool Parts - They are my go to for finding hard to find parts and such.