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Aug 8, 2021
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So we have had our Permasalt pool for a couple of months now. It was only clear the first few days, then went slimy, cloudy and finally bright green. The local pool store sold me a pile of liquids and powders that would make it beautifully clear. Except that it didn’t, nothing changed.

Family Leisure guy came out to check our filter and told me to throin 8 gallons of liquid pool bleach. He said the permasalt system on its own is not strong enough to deal with the algae.

Next morning our pool was milky blue! Apparently all we had to do now was run the pump for a few days, backwash the filter everyday and we would be crystal clear.
Nope, done that and still the same milky blue.
I’m ready to turn off the copper and convert to TFP. I think I should add liquid chlorine each evening and run the filter until it clears? I will order the Taylor test meanwhile. I’m not sure how much chlorine to add and cannot find the calculator.
Am I on the right track? Eager for help!
We have an above ground pool, 30’x52”. 21,000 gallons


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May 3, 2014
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You need to follow the SLAM Process. To do that, you need a proper test kit. Order a Taylor K2006C or TF100. Consider getting a SpeedStir to make the testing easier.

While you are waiting on your test kit, add 5 ppm FC worth of liquid chlorine / plain bleach to your pool each evening with the pump running. A gallon of 10% will work in your pool volume. This will replenish the FC lost each day to the sun and also inhibit any algae in the water from growing further.
I suggest you read ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry.
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