"Permanent" Rectangle Above Ground Pool with Decking Recommendations


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Apr 14, 2021
Austin, Texas
Hello - My wife and I are planning on building a "permanent" rectangular above ground pool with decking around it. Ideally the pool will be about 12 feet wide and 20-30 feet long. See an example mock up (do not pay attention to color or size, but we do want a rectangle).

We would like to pool to look relatively modern and "high-end" even as an above ground pool, so we are looking for "upscale" and permanent salt-water pool options for a rectangular above ground pool.

Does anyone have any brand or model pool recommendations? Additionally, any decking/pool recommendation contractors in the Austin area?



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Jun 29, 2016
Tampa, FL
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Are you planning on partially burying? Hard to tell with that mock up (which I really like).


May 9, 2021
Have you looked at the AquaStar pools? Curious if there is a dealer in your area? I was recently introduced to this pool and have a new dealer in Arkansas but need more info and testimonials about this pool before I agree to buy. It's an on ground pool that is permanent but can be semi- in ground if needed. The walls are 48 inches but they can did in ground to make it deeper if needed. The company is out of MI but they have dealers. Here's the corporate website: AquaStar | America's Best On-Ground Swimming Pools. It's built to be able to easily put a deck around it. Has a 30 year warranty and lifetime warranty on the liner. The upgraded package also comes with an ionization system that cleans the water and supposedly all that is needed is 1 gallon of household bleach a week. Says it is even clean enough to drink. I don't know a whole lot about pools but if all of this is true and then I think it could possible be a great permanent solution without having to do an in ground. If you are interested in this pool and find out any other information from you area and don't mind sharing with me I would greatly appreciate it!
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