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Sep 16, 2021
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Hello, we just recently purchased a 24x52 above ground pool with the perma salt system. I've read a lot of negative reviews about the system, but we are stuck with it for now. My question is, does my pump need to run 24 hours a day with this system or can I add a timer to only run it a few hours a day to save on electricity cost? If I can run a timer, how many hours a day should I run it and should I run the permasalt system on the same timer or leave it plugged up constantly?


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Welcome to TFP!

You're not stuck with it by any means, just unplug it. If you just recently started using it then your water shouldn't have too much copper in it, so if you stop using it now you can easily convert to a chlorine-based water care system (of course we recommend following TFPC) and never have to deal with the problems that are inevitable with a metal-based system.

Since it is your first post I'll throw in a link to some of the lingo we use so our posts don't look like a bunch of gibberish ;)
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Sep 16, 2021
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Hi! New, first-time pool owner here, too.

TL;DR - unplug Permasalt, start TFP protocol, don't look back.

We were "upgraded" to the lazy-man's package when we bought our AG pool in June (installed 9/7/21). This included the Permasalt system. Fist day or two were clear and looked good. Next couple of days, not as much, and the next couple of days cloudy. After internet searching, came across this site and found their views on the system and their methodology. I immediately unplugged the controller (it is still attached to the filter) and began the TFP protocol. Within 2 days of starting (I'm still testing, balancing, etc) my water is so clear that if the pump isn't running it's hard to tell that water is there! I plan to get a SWG for next season (the Circupool CORE35 since it installs almost exactly like the Permasalt controller).

I know it sounds over-the-top, but the methodology here really is simply and effective. It doesn't require that much time and effort with the manual method (one of the selling points of the Permasalt system is that it is basically set-and-forget with minimal monitoring). It sounds like it requires less with a SWG, but I'll find that out next year.

Do yourself a favor and get off of the Permasalt system and use THIS site's pool school and NOT Family Leisure's (which tells you to change your sand in your filter EVERY season). I am a TFP convert and will foreseeably stay that way.


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Jun 16, 2021
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the perma salt system. I've read a lot of negative reviews about the system
It happens, and as you can see this site is largely folks that have given themselves permission to have had made a mistake based on bad information. We prefer to move on with life and just make it right. If it makes you feel any better, the world of direct sales (pools, vacuum cleaners, windows, siding, water softeners) is built around getting a customer to buy more than they intended, and there are often folks who we trust to help us make an informed decision that might not have our best interest in mind.

Like was mentioned, remove the unit if you can, unplug it if you can't. We have a great app called PoolMath which, combined with easy testing from either of the approved kits, will give you total control over your pool's chemistry at a minimum of cost.

Glad you're here, you're in the right place. We can help, and you can help others when they're new here too.
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Jun 1, 2018
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Hey Robin 👋👋 glad u found us.
U are definitely not stuck with it.
Unplug & remove it from your plumbing today…
Use liquid chlorine (bleach) & follow Recommended Levels
& the chlorine side of the FC/CYA Levels today. If u haven’t a clue of your cya just add 3-5ppm daily until u get a test kit.
Use PoolMath to calculate additions based on your pool volume.
Get a tf100/tf pro from or a Taylor k2006c on order & post your results when it comes & we can help u sort things out step by step if u need.

The apparatus itself is adding metals to your water just by being inline with your plumbing . It needs to go. U can sell it on fb marketplace or something & try to recoup your losses.
Don’t add anymore permasalt /pool store potions. Just liquid chlorine until u can properly test. The only testing that is recommended to be done by a pool store is for metals as they are impractical for a homeowner (iron & copper) those results will determine if u need to exchange water since that’s the only way to remove metals which can stain surfaces & people.

Fill out your signature with all your equipment
This will help with advice.

You probably have a 1.5hp single speed pump like me (i think this is all family leisure offers)
I run mine for 11hrs a day from 9am-8pm - its more than plenty but i like the pool being skimmed when I’m looking at it or in it.
I could get by with 6-8 hrs a day. Your preferences may vary from mine.
I have a heavy duty plug in mechanical timer 👇
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Jun 16, 2019
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Hey Robin and Welcome !!! There is a honking shortage going on for all pool equipment. That bad boy would sell for full price, or dang near it being so new. FB marketplace, CL or OfferUp.

Don’t beat yourself up too bad. When built in spa folks don’t end up using it, that’s a $15k - $20k mistake. You kinda got off easy. 😁
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