People use grounding rods for the their pumps and Hayward says not to. Who's right?

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Oct 2, 2013
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The green wire coming into the timer, clock, pump or whatever, connects to the Ground Terminal or screw in the appliance.

The bare copper wire connected to a lug on the outside of the housing of the pump, timer, or whatever, is the Bonding Wire, not a ground. That wire runs all around the perimeter of the pool and is connected to every metal item and to all of the equipment.

I do recall a thread or 2 a long time ago about folks asking if they need to drive a "ground rod" into the ground and connect the pump and equipment to it. That would be for lightning protection, and the answer is no. If you want protection from lightning or rather the voltage surge related to it, get a surge protector.


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Aug 10, 2012
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The quote you posted is correct. The ground rod should be driven for the main breaker panel only. No other ground rods should be driven or connected anywhere else. All other grounds for sub-panels should be run back to the main breaker panel.
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