People Shocked When They Learn You Use Bleach


Jun 10, 2009
Russellville, KY
I recently went to wal-mart with my husband, and baby in the shopping cart, and we had a cart full of bleach and I sort of glanced around to see if anyone was looking at us funny but I don't think anyone noticed. Not even the store clerk. :(

I told a friend to put a quarter cup in a kids pool right before it got done filling. She thought it was strange and asked why not pool chlorine. I explained as best I could...

Big Thunder

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Apr 29, 2009
I get that "You use whaaaaaat?" :) Then I tell them how much I save by not going to the pool store. That always gets them. I've used a total of $16 in bleach for 2 weeks (THANK YOU 8 GALLON LIQUIDATOR!) and that's with a bather load and rain. Dollars and cents always comes out on top. The wife is a believer now as well since I added the borates. She says her skin feels great when she gets out. I don't need to say anything - she does it for me now!


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Nov 29, 2009
Los Angeles, Ca
I have to say this topic was hilarious!!!
I died laughing at some of your guys posts LOL!

Couple times I thought I looked like a terrorist myself coming out of Lowes with a couple jugs of muriatic acid LOL!


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Nov 5, 2008
laweatherred said:
Ok so all of you bleach users...can I use this bleach and keep it at shock level to clear my green swamp colored pool??? I have been talking to others in different "forums" (if that is the correct term) about this and have gotten mixed opinions....I've been fighting this for over a month, but just switched to bleach yesterday...Please, any answers to this will be greatly appreciated!!!
Yes, you CAN use bleach and keep it at shock level to clear your green swamp.

You will want to use good bleach -- not Dollar Store bleach of unknown %, get Clorox or store brands, unscented.
You will need to know WHAT your shock level is and that will require actually knowing your stabilizer (CYA) and being able to test accurately for chlorine (FC) and combined chlorine (CC). So you need a really good test kit that has lots of reagents at a good price. Try

Just so you know, there are other sources of chlorine and from time to time any of them may be something you will want to use in your pool. Right now I am still using trichlor pucks in the auto-chlorinator as I did during the vacation since for some reason my CYA actually declined during the 2 weeks I was away. Got to wonder if the daughter left the water running when she added water to the pool, guess I'll know when I get the water bill. I regard using those as a luxury I can only afford when CYA is low and I feel I can take time to raise it. Earlier this spring I was using Cal-Hypo since CH was low after the winter. But most of the time I just use bleach, barring special circumstances