Pentair VSP pump uses iAquaLink timer feature- lose clock time daily


May 1, 2017
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I use my Pentair VSP 3hp pump, with the iAquaLink automation setup. The pump turns on daily at 6AM, and at 8PM, the pool lights go on, and at 9Pm the pump shuts down. The pool lights shut off automatically at 10PM daily. The only problem is, when the pump shuts off at 9PM, and I lift the cover to see the backlit control panel, it is dark and off, similar to shutting it off at the breaker. At this stage my clock shuts down, and when the system starts up in the morning, the clock on the pump is always incorrect. Is there a clock backup battery, or is there a way to shut off the pump, but not all of the power to it?

However, when I use the iAquaLink app, the correct time is on the app. Since the app is turning the pump on in the morning and off at night, it does not bother me. The problem is, the clock on the pump is not in sync with the clock on the app.

How do I keep my automation functionality as is, yet, at night time when the pump powers off, I still want the pump to have power to keep the clock functioning and the screen backlit. It is probably a simple setting, but I need some guidance please.



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Jul 3, 2013
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the only way around the is to have your Intelliflo connected directly to the breaker so it receives power 24/7... This is actually the recommended way..

The way you have it connected now will work but the Intelliflo will always lose time
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