Pentair VSP Pro Pump


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Sep 16, 2008
Jacksonville, FL
I am new to variable speed pumps and just thought I would reach out and see if there were any recommendations you all had on best way to setup the pump and the settings.

A little background, we are just about at the 30 day mark of a new pool build and getting ready to add salt and turn on the SWG. We have been running the pump at about 2500 rpm, 24 hours a day, since the pool was started. I was under the impression that this pump will do rpm or gph/gpm settings. Which is better? We do have a lot of water features (2 bowls, 1 36" waterfalls and 2 bubblers), so would it be better to do gph?

Any help would be great. Thank you.


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Jul 7, 2014
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There are thousands and thousands of IntelliFlo pumps out there and 90% of them only have RPM control and they all work just fine..

I am not personally a fan of running under flow control as it is just not needed in most cases.. A lot of people that use the GPM function still believe in the turnover myth.

I always recommend buying the VS only model as they are cheaper and simpler...

That said, once you have the VSF model, it makes little difference one way or the other as to how you use it..

Do you have an automation system???

I believe that the best way to run the pump is at an RPM, or GPM, that just makes the SWCG's flow switch close, plus about 100 RPM... In my mind this is the minimum speed you ever want to run your pump. In makes no sense to have the pump running if you are not making chlorine, as it takes longer to make chlorine than to do anything else.

You then need to set speeds for whatever function you are running.. So you would have a speed to make your waterfall look good, etc..

Each pool is different of course, but I run my pump most of the time at 1250 RPM...

The IntelliFlo is a great pump and is so quiet at 1200 RPM that when my pump was new, I would often have to touch it just to make sure it was still running.. :)

As with a lot of pool stuff, there is no right answer here.. You will just have to play with it until you find what works best for you.


Jim R.