Pentair VSF 011056 with Jandy iAquaLink - flow control not working, speed setting only


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Feb 4, 2008
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Hi there, similar to this 2018 thread, Intelliflo VSF & iAqualink I just replaced my dead Pentair VF 3050 (011012?) with the current model VSF 011056. Now my iAqualink Controller cannot set the flow rate anymore. I'm running it now as VS with fixed RPM settings (after figuring out the RPM for the flow rates - with solar heat on and with waterfall) but it's not ideal- especially since I can't control a separate speed for waterfall + solar together.

Has anyone here figured out how to make the iAqualink and the VSF pump play nice?

Model: RS-8 Combo
AquaLink: REV T.1
CPU p/n: B0029221

Thanks all!


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May 3, 2014
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To my knowledge, you are only able to set RPM with that automation on Intelliflo pumps.

Using RPM you should be able to do anything you like. Many of us either do not have or ignore the flow rate portions of the Intelliflo.


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Feb 4, 2008
Princeton, NJ
Thank you @mknauss ! The odd thing is that the VF has been working just fine with the older pump model, so Pentair must have changed something in the protocol going over the RS-485 interface with the 011056 model. I'm tempted to get myself a serial protocol analyzer to figure out what's different between the old and new VF pumps. If only Pentair published more information about their protocol!
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