Pentair Ultratemp High Refrig Error


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Apr 22, 2020
Mason, OH
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I'm having the same problem.. Brand new Ultratemp 140 installed in May.. had the HIGH REGRIG message a couple times early on but it was cold outside. It worked fine in late May/early June. It started acting up again this last week and can't get it to heat again.

Here's video/audio of what I'm seeing: iCloud

I have no way to measure the flow directly but every indication I have tells me it's circulating well. (Good flow on jets, when I turn on the fountain it shoots pretty high, chlorinator isn't complaining about the flow, backwashing again doesn't change the flow much).

I don't have a bypass path around the heater -- it's straight off my filter. The setup is right out of their manual:

[Pool]-->[Pump]-->[Filter]-->[Heat Pump]-->[Intellichlor]-->[Pool]

I sent Pentair a tech support message on their web site. I'll share what I hear back.


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Jul 21, 2013
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Your video is not opening from iCloud.

Post pics of your equipment pad and the heater.

Open a warranty claim with Pentair.