Pentair UltraTemp ETI


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Jul 19, 2020
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I'm just about to undertake a major pool remodeling including upgrading equipment and adding a spillover spa.
One of the upgrades I'd like to make is to my heater. Electricity is very cheap for me since I have a sizable solar setup. As such I'd love to go with some sort of heatpump otpion. That being said, since this will be heating my spa I would love gas backup to heat quickly and on the coldest days (although it doesn't get *THAT* cold here in the Bay Area).

I came across the UltraTemp ETI which appears to meet all of my criteria but have yet to hear from anyone who has been using one of these. The various pool contractors I've talked to all appear to shy away from any form of heatpump but would love to get opinions on this - in particular if you have the UltraTemp ETI.



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Jul 21, 2013
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We have a bunch of members who have the Pentair UltraTemp HP.

The UltraTemp ET is expensive and combines a 220K BTU gas heater with a 108K BTU HP. An UltraTemp HP alone can be up to 140K BTU and a MasterTemp gas heater can be up to 400K BTU.

We have had members be curious about the Pentair UltraTemp ETI and I have not seen anyone report on actual experince in their pool. Let's see if anyone shows up here with a report.
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