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Apr 2, 2021
We are having our pool finish and coping redone to remove the flagstone and upgrade the plaster finish to a quartz finish. I want to convert it to a salt water pool after and add some automation after the new finish cures. I purchased the Hanna BL-100 pH controller based on some reviews and keeping it stand alone to not over complicate everything a fully integrated system. I've already got a Pentair VS pump, so looking at a Pentair IC-60. Pentair's descriptions on the website are lacking, so turning to this community for some clarification. I'm leaning toward Pentair's EasyTouch system with the IntelliChlor transformer built in and IC-60.

First, looking to confirm what I understand. The IC-60 system does NOT read the chlorine levels or ORP and automatically adjust, but rather gets programed based manual testing and adjustment to provide the correct amount of chlorine generated per day. Do I have this understanding correct? If so, I'm looking to automate the chlorine generation because I live out in the Texas Hill Country with loads of dust, tree pollen, leaves, tree/bush blooms, etc. at various times of the year, so my chlorine needs can vary wildly. Pentair's IntelliChem is insanely overpriced and doesn't seem to have good reviews. What's the recommended way to get the IC-60 system to read chlorine/ORP and make automated adjustments?


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Jul 7, 2014
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We do not recommend any automated system to test and adjust your pool levels.. That is what you are for.. :mrgreen:

Our whole purpose in life is to teach pool owners how to test and take care of their own pools.

Automated system sound great, and work great, right up to the point of the crash. We have found none that are reliable over the long haul, or that allow you to meet TFP pool care standards.

I have three Pentair saltwater pools with IntelliFlo pumps, EasyTouch systems with IC40 cells. Having a saltwater pool is by far the easiest type of pool to maintain, but that does not mean that I can walk away and let the pool take care of itself. I have to routinely test and ensure the water stays in balance.. Initially you need to test often, then as you get a feel for how your pool works, once a week is plenty..

I suggest that you take a good read through our Pool Schools and see what we are all about.


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May 8, 2020
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Excuse the interruption

you have a wood stove pool heater? Interesting…

how does that work for you? How often do you use it? How quickly does it heat?

I never knew they existed, I’ll do some research.

I have a Pentair HP/Chiller and while it works great there are days I’d like to be able to heat it qucker than the HP is capable of.