Pentair SuperFloVS No Power Led


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Aug 8, 2019
New Jersey
After an electrical storm I do not have a power led. Voltage is present connected as 220 hook up. ls there a fuse somewhere in this device. There is no visible damage to the unit.

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Mar 2, 2011
240 measuring from L2 to L2?

What's the exact reading from the multimeter?

Not measuring from L1 to ground and L2 to ground and adding them up.


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Mar 2, 2011
Try turning it off for 10 minutes and then back on. Power off at the breaker.

Here's a thread that says this:

I called Pentair customer service on Monday morning. Based on the symptoms, they suggested I press the following three buttons and hold for three seconds:

Up arrow, down arrow, #1

This reset the pump and reactivated the control panel. This reset keeps the programmed schedule but you have to reset the clock. The customer service rep said that this sequence "removes the drive from safe mode." A drive (ie pump) may enter safe mode for a number of reasons like an electrical surge, running dry, etc. It's a safety mechanism to protect the motor.
If that doesn't work, try a factory reset.

Factory Reset
The drive can be reset to factory settings if necessary. A Factory Reset will wipe out all of the saved user settings that have been programmed, except for the time of day. Be sure that it is necessary before performing a Factory Reset, as the results are immediate.
To perform a Factory Reset:
1. Stop the pump if necessary by pressing the Start/Stop button.
2. Record all of the custom schedule settings using
Table 3. You can find these setting by pressing the “1”, “2”, “3”, and “Quick Clean” buttons and cycling through all the screens. Also write down the Priming Speed.
3. Press and hold the “1”, “2”, “3”, and “Quick Clean” buttons for 3 seconds.
4. The screen will display “FACt rSt” if factory reset is successful. See Figure 13.
5. Be sure to reprogram the schedule and priming speed after the factory reset. The pump must be turned back on with the Start/Stop button before it will run again. The pump will run the programmed schedule upon initial start-up.
Note: Factory Reset can not be performed from a Keypad Lockout state.
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Sep 1, 2019
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Did this fix your situation, or are you still searching for an internal fuse? I am experiencing the same scenario at the moment. Pool had a few breakers tripped on the pool panel, and in turn tripped the pool breaker in the house panel. I measure 120v ac on each feeder, under the cover plate/touch pad. My interior pool light failed last week, and the pump as well! The pool light has power coming off of the switch, but I think I need to investigate the transformer next.


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Jul 7, 2014
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You can't measure each feeder (L1 and L2) to ground and get an accurate reading if the pump is installed.. You must measure between L1 and L2 for 220/240 volts...


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